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Zena Pharm Pty Ltd is a biotech company developing a patent pending non-invasive subcutaneous drug delivery technology with an initial focus on treating specific types of non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC’s), specifically Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.


Zena Pharm Pty Ltd has a platform technology in the area of topical, non-irritant subcutaneous drug delivery which has the ability to deliver a diverse range of compounds including vaccines, peptides and insulin. To commercialise this technology Zena Pharm has been set up to undertake R&D and exploit the global opportunity the platform presents, replacing injectable delivery of common pharmaceutical active ingredients.

This pioneering, but scientifically and commercially significant work will open the way to deliver a suite of common drug actives in a painless topical method, thereby alleviating the stress and inconvenience of current injectable drug delivery.

A set of pre clinical trials have been undertaken to validate the technology and to further develop the platform. Phase I and Phase II Clinical Trials are further required to identify the efficacy and effectiveness of the current hypothesis. The first of a suite of products identified for commercial release is a topical cream for Actinic Keratosis (AK) which is a pre-cursor to Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas, and will be marketed under the trade name of Zena Derm.


Zena Pharm Pty Ltd is currently seeking VC and/or JV investment to partially fund the ongoing clinical trials to bring this revolutionary delivery technology to market.