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Zena Pharm Pty Ltd is a biotech company developing a patent pending non-invasive subcutaneous drug delivery technology with an initial focus on treating specific types of skin cancer disorders.

Zena Pharm Pty Ltd has a platform technology in the area of topical, non-irritant subcutaneous drug delivery which has the ability to deliver a diverse range of compounds including vaccines, peptides and insulin. To commercialise this technology Zena Pharm has been set up to undertake R&D and exploit the global opportunity the platform presents.

A suite of pre clinical trials have been undertaken to validate the technology and to further develop the platform. Phase I and Phase II Clinical Trials are further required to identify the efficacy and effectiveness of the current hypothesis. The first of a suite of products identified for commercial release is a topical cream for Actinic Keratosis (AK), which will be marketed under the trade name of Zena Derm.

What is
Zena Derm?

  • Fully formulated cream that delivers Tea Tree Oil in a transdermal format
  • Using proprietary technology, Zena Derm, delivers 10% Tea Tree Oil below the skin, to treat and regress precancerous actinic keratosis
  • Based on established preclinical data, Zena Derm delivers a clinically effective quantity of TTO

The Science so Far

In 2010, a research team at an Australian University established that Tea Tree Oil (TTO) can significantly reduce the viability in vitro of 2 murine tumor cell lines : AE17 and B16 in a dose and time dependent manner.


The in vivo part of the study showed that both 3% and 10% TTO can inhibit tumor growth in mice, but more importantly a 10% concentration of TTO in a suitable trans dermal

base was able to cause regression of tumours. Unfortunately that early stage research was unable to isolate a commercially viable transdermal base and trials did not progress due to development of severe skin irritation, but the data from the trial gave Zena Pharm the focus to incorporate TTO into the companies patent pending proprietary base which provides trans dermal penetration of actives without irritation, and Zena Derm was born.